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Tony Geraci’s role: ridding schools of processed food
Boston Globe

'Cafeteria Man' champions fresh foods in schools
Christian Science Monitor

20 Most Influential: Tony Geraci, Memphis Public Schools
Food Service Director

Tony Geraci providing the fuel for better learning at Memphis City Schools
Memphis Business Journal


"Cafeteria Man provides powerful ammunition in the fight to end the epidemic of childhood obesity."
- Jay A. Perman, MD, President, University of Maryland Baltimore
  Host, Summit on Childhood Obesity

"Richard Chisolm's elating movie about good-food guru Tony Geraci…celebrates Geraci for his profound grasp of what healthful eating means to public school students.”
Baltimore Sun

“Upbeat….Geraci is the eloquent, occasionally outspoken engine that pulls this train of common-sense sincerity, institutional ennui and slow, yet steady change.”

“A clear-eyed look at transformative change in school food, permeated by an infectious sense of possibility.”
- Jan Poppendieck, Author, Free For All: Fixing School Food In America

“A compelling and original wake-up call. Cafeteria Man shows us that improving school food isn't about nutrients and recipes — but vision.”
– Jane Black, Food Writer

“Cafeteria Man takes a feel-good approach to advocating for healthier, and more local school lunches.”
Huffington Post

“A documentary about one determined individual's battle against a rigid status quo, filmed with honesty, compassion and humor.”
-Organic Connections Magazine